These conversion charts have been created by our suppliers and work as a very general way to find your size. Dance shoe sizing differs to normal shoe sizing and it is recommended that you be fitted by one of our expert staff.

  Pointe Shoes 

It is important that you first get the approval of your dance teacher before buying pointe shoes.

You should then be fitted by one of our trained staff members.

If you buy pointe shoes that are not properly fitted you can cause damage to your feet.

To make an appointment with one of our trained staff members, contact the store closest to you.

Please allow at least 45 minutes for your fitting. If you have had pointe shoes before, please bring them  with you to the fitting.

East Maitland

02 4934 5641


02 4355 4330


(group pointe shoe fitting at our Tuggerah store)

Bloch Conversion Chart

Energetiks Conversion Chart