Let’s face it. Dancers need a lot of equipment to harness their skills. Even though their body is their main tool, it’s all the bits that go with the body that help make dancers their ultimate best. No matter if you’re a tiny tot or an elite level dancer, there are so many things that are needed to make us shine.

No dancer can be complete without their dance bag. From ballet to cheer and everything in between, a bag is an essential dance must have. Bags come in a huge range of styles and sizes, various colours that match many studios and can often be matched with a multitude of accessories.

Easy Breezy Portable!

First, let’s start at the basic. At Flight Dance, we love the Energetiks DB30 for our first time dancers. Embracing the hot trend of delicious colours, this bag comes in a vibrant mulberry, a traditional black and two stunning pastels, purple and pink. Its size is its real benefit. Measuring just 30cm long, it’s a compact size for the most petite dancer out there to manage. It contains a handy detachable shoulder strap, carry handles and 4 compartments inside to house socks or a snack on the go. Price is also a hit with this one. Flight Dance sells this for $29.95. It also makes a wonderful birthday gift for that up and coming dancer.

For the more serious dancer, the bag size will often increase and the detail will become more interesting. Our top picks are the Studio7 DB05 Junior Duffel and the Bloch A6006 2Tone.
Studio7 have updated their range this year to a smorgasbord of colours in their Junior Duffel range. Each bag has a glitter panel in the front and on the top of the bag making it eye catching and pretty cool. It comes in four designs each with a corresponding word emblazoned across the front – 

“Dance” – with ten different colours! Metallic Silver, Aqua, Ballet Pink, Deep Purple, Lime, Purple, Royal Blue, Crystal White, Hot Pink, Mulberry, Red and Turquoise,
“Gymnastics” in Metallic Silver, Purple, Royal Blue and Turquoise,
“Calisthenics” in Metallic Silver,
“Cheer” in Metallic Silver.
The Junior bag has a handy detachable shoulder strap as well as an innovative shoe zip compartments with breathable air circulation, two external pockets for mobile phones and water bottle, a side and front zip compartment with additional pockets throughout the interior. Priced at $44.95 and measuring 38cm, this is the next level in dance bag heaven!

The Bloch A6006 2Tone is a step up for the too-cool-for-glitter dancer but still packs a punch with 11 different colour patterns. Ranging from Purple/Black and Royal Blue/Baby Blue to Fuchsia/Dusty Pink and Black/Peacock, there isn’t a colour that isn’t a winner. The two tone style with detachable shoulder strap often compliments a studios’ colours and is valued at $49.95. The Bloch A006 is a touch longer at 45cm and contains an additional side pocket, a detachable mobile phone case and internal zip pocket to boot. Check in store for all the colour options of this ever popular bag.

Once we hit that stage where bigger is better in the bag world, Flight Dance simply loves the Studio7 DB06.The Studio7 DB06 comes in three gorgeous colours that work with any time of day whether it’s off to class or off to that next big audition. Bigger than the others, this bag measures at 60cm and holds everything from shoes, outfits, towel, drink bottle, snacks and your trophies of course! Three colours are included in this range being Purple, Turquoise and Royal Blue. Like all bags featured in this post, the DB06 features bag ‘feet’ so it is lifted off the ground. Also featuring the detachable shoulder strap and carry handles, this bag has two large side panel pockets, a front and top zip compartment, internal zip and pocket areas and water bottle storage space which is very important – as we all know, hydrating is exhilarating! Priced at $52.95, this is available in store and online.

Let’s Talk Concerts!

We all know how quickly our dance items build up. One minute we’re learning ballet for the first time with one pair of shoes and a leotard. The next minute we’re flying with cheer, tapping like crazy, jazzing about the stage, pirouetting like it’s nobody’s business, amassing multiple shoes, a wardrobe of different costumes, so many leotards, more than a million bobby pins, and around fifty pairs of stockings!

What happens next? Well you could rent a storage space, or you could look at one of our most popular bag options; the Dancer Bag.

We stock two brands of these portable wardrobes, Dream Duffel and Costume Roller. The benefit of these bags is that everything is in one place. Garments can be stored in garment bags, shoes can fit neatly away and make up can be stored in separate compartments. Both brands offer varied sizes and patters of the bag which both contain a pop-up hanging bar so everything can be laid out to be seen. Just like a wardrobe! Once concert season is complete for the year, these bags tuck neatly away with everything in one place! What an innovation!
Ranging from $240 to $315, these bags are an investment for the serious dancer. Each brand has many accessories that are able to be added on as you go including makeup bags, garment bags, foot stools, hangers, accessory boxes, addition shoe caddies and even ID patches for easy identification in a crowded room. Visit us in store to discuss these options and sizes with you.

These are just a few of the many bag options on the market. The landscape in Bag-topia is ever changing with new and improved designs, colours, patterns and features evolving constantly. At Flight, we love to find that perfect match for our dancers, so don’t be afraid to make suggestions to us or show us what you have found online. If we can get it, we surely will.

Happy dancing!